Open Thread and Diary Rescue

Tonight’s Rescue Rangers are grog, Louisiana 1976, srkp23, Alfonso Nevarez, and jennyjem with vcmvo2 as reader and editor.

The diaries up for rescue are:

Oil, Oil, everywhere…

Adept2u finds a little relief in the fact that Provocative Thinking Dispatched to the Gulf Region. (jennyjem)

In light of the Oilpocalypse Background N015e advises us to Enjoy the Florida beaches while you can. (Louisiana 1976)

innereye reports that the Deepwater Horizon oil leak is only half the story as far as the damage being done to the Gulf of Mexico in Oilpacalypse — Gas Leak Creating a Deep-Water Dead Zone. (jennyjem)

The World Around Us

In a heartbreaking update Elinorianne tells us Lily the California Gray Whale Returns, She’s Young and Struggling for Life. (Louisiana 1976)


You can read it at Daily Kos


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