CA-Sen: WWJBD (What would Jack Bauer Do)?(Daily Kos)

Daily Kos writes:
Have some pity, if you will, for longshot conservative GOP Senate contender Chuck DeVore. DeVore is no recent convert to the whole teabagger thing, and he has watched while teabagger candidates have been ascendant in Republican primaries all around America.

Everywhere, it would seem, except for his home state of California.

Since former Republican Congressman Tom Campbell made the decision to switch races and give up a gubernatorial bid in favor of a Senate bid, DeVore has consistently ranked third in the GOP primary, behind Campbell and multimillionaire Carly Fiorina.

That has left DeVore grasping for thin reeds upon which to justify his candidacy. Including, in his most recent efforts, claiming an endorsement from a right-wing hero. One that, sadly, does not exist in real life:


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