Find an airplane to jump out of(Scripting News)

Scripting News writes:
The poor fumbling New York Times.
Everything about their world is flipped upside down.
Yes, they still have to write news stories, but the way they source them is changing, and slowly they are adjusting to the new way of doing things.
They used to use the cost of distribution as a way of adding a surcharge to cover the cost of reporting. Because they owned the means of distribution, and had a lot of people buying their information product, they could charge others to use their system.
They can’t do that anymore, because: 1. They let Silicon Valley own the distribution in the new news environment. 2. The Californians are willing to sell access to that system real cheap to the people who used to pay the Times to distribute their stuff.
In hindsight, the Times could have and should have been


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