Scripting News: My last trip to Calif as a Californian

I’m writing this from Berkeley. I’m here to sell my house and cut my last ties to the Golden State, and this time it feels like it’s for good. I say “feels like,” because I did this once before, in 2003. Sold my house in Woodside, and drove cross-country to Cambridge. After that, I tried living in Florida, Seattle and got started looking at apartments in NY before giving up. I found myself in Berkeley and tired of being unrooted. So I rented an apartment, and one thing led to another — I was house-shopping and found a place I loved.

It was 2006, the peak of the real estate market. It’s hard to imagine now, but back then real estate was thought to be a foolproof investment. I was making tons of money in the stock market. I had a feeling that I would just increase my earnings by ownin

Read the whole article at: Scripting News

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