Guardian Unlimited Books: Teach Us to Sit Still | Book review

The writer’s search for relief from chronic pelvic pain makes a great book out of a wee problem

Tim Parks, the novelist and essayist, tells us that, for a long time, he suffered from pelvic pain. He had to get out of bed several times a night to go to the loo. He thought he might have a problem with his prostate or his bladder. This is how he describes his pain: “a general smouldering tension throughout the abdomen, a sharp jab in the perineum, an electric shock darting down the inside of the thighs, an ache in the small of the back, a shivery twinge in the penis itself”.

He talks to his friend Carlo, a urologist. Carlo suggests an operation. He also suggests pills. But the pills make Parks constipated. He stops taking them. Result: “Normal bowel movements. Normal pains. It seemed like p

Read the whole article at: Guardian Unlimited Books


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