Social Media Updates for 2010-06-20

Social Media Updates for 2010-06-20 is a post from Chris Pirillo

@therealriley – The shortcomings of the HTC Evo 4G are to be blamed on Google, HTC, and Sprint equally. Maybe "Gingerbread" will help? in reply to therealriley #

@joesteiger – I'd never call anybody "stupid" for making a choice that was perfect for them. That'd be… really stupid. 🙂 in reply to joesteiger #

MobileCrunch HTC Evo 4G Review: ["Recommendation: Use caution."] #

…so, you're saying all I need to do is turn off the HTC Evo 4G's top features and avoid recording video to use it for longer than 2hrs? #

@swartz_de – Right around the same time you became a jackass. If you have a problem with my opinions, it speaks more

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