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2010 NFL training camps: Reggie Bush of New Orleans Saints putting USC controversy in past( – NFL)

New Orleans Saints running back Reggie Bush said Saturday it’s time to put the controversy from his days at the University of Southern California behind him.

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NPR US News: California Fire Menaces Homes, Power Lines

A huge wildfire in the high desert wilderness north of Los Angeles jumped an aqueduct on Friday, rushing toward hundreds of houses as firefighters also tried to keep flames from damaging power lines that bring electricity to Southern California.

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Schwarzenegger praises incentive program

Film News: Film & TV tax credits have created $2 billion in CA spending — Touting the state’s 18-month-old film incentive program, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has asserted that its $300 million in tax credits has creaetd $2 billion in direct spending in California.

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Jess and Lili’s Legendary Wedding on The Lost Coast(Raible Designs ~ We Build Web Apps)

If you’re a long-time reader of this blog, you’ll know I’ve been to some great weddings in the last couple years. This past weekend, I had the pleasure of experiencing yet another fantastic celebration with two old and close friends, Clint and Jess. You might remember Clint from his wedding in Costa Rica or when we almost slept in a snow cave. I’m happy to report we didn’t get in any trouble and everyone survived the weekend without a scratch.

My trip to Jess’s wedding (on the Lost Coast of Northern California) started with a flight to Portland, Oregon. After arriving, I drove to Clint and Autumn’s house in Eugene where we enjoyed some sweet Oregon micros and reminisced about Costa Rica. The next morning, we headed for the wedding; an 8-hour drive. Our road trip was awesome, especially

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Divination Of The Damned Posts Performance Footage(Metal Underground . com)

Metal Underground . com writes:
California's female fronted black metal band Divination of the Damned has posted a series of live performance clips online. Footage for "Genocide" can be viewed below, and the clips of "Flesh of the Entity" and "Take My Soul" can be found after the jump.

GenocideDivination of the Damned(Female Fronted Blk Metal) | MySpace Music Videos Read More/Discuss on Metal

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Kanye West performs at Twitter headquarters(Telegraph Connected)

Kanye West performed an a cappella version of some of his new material in
front of a small number of staff at the Twitter headquarters in California.

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Whitman Closes Gap with Brown

A new Public Policy Polling survey in California shows Jerry Brown (D) leading Meg Whitman (R) by six points, 46% to 40%. In May, Brown led by 12 points.”Casting a shadow over Whitman’s campaign is Arnold Schwarzenegger’s
continuing status as the least popular Governor in the country. 71% of
voters in the state disapprove of the job he’s doing and only 19% give
him good marks. Generally when you have an outgoing Governor that
strongly disliked you’re not going to be inclined to replace him with
another person in the same party.”Bottom line: “The trend is good for Whitman but with atrocious favorability numbers in
a strongly Democratic state she still has an uphill battle to win this

You can read it at Taegan Goddard’s Political Wire

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