Using the BuzzObj.renderTemplate() method for popups or other sub-templating processes(NewsGator Knowledge Base)


The renderTemplate() function of the BuzzObj allows you to use the power of the TrimPath templating engine, as well as the modifiers and Built-ins provided by the Widget Framework, after the initial rendering of your widget is complete. It allows you to specify your own template text and provide any data you wish, and then returns to you the resulting string. This is useful for rendering popups and other interface elements, or for working with data from outside NewsGator which may not be ready when your widget is initially loaded.


Using renderTemplate()

renderTemplate() is a property of a particular BuzzObj. This is because it includes functions, such as ${AttentionJS()}, that use data from that widget. Therefore, you must have a reference to a BuzzO

Read more over at: NewsGator Knowledge Base

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