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Senior Care Podcast by LivHOME Releases Episode 21 — Advanced…(PR Web (The Free Wire Service) Lifestyle Retirement)

PR Web (The Free Wire Service) Lifestyle Retirement writes:
In this podcast episode, Darlene Mann, a LivHOME Care Manager in Southern California, discusses a number of important issues related to the proper use of advance directives, an often-misunderstood…

(PRWeb August 31, 2010)

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BusyBox and the GPL Prevail Again – Updated 4Xs(GrokLaw)

GrokLaw writes:
I thought you’d want to hear about what’s just happened in the Software Freedom Conservancy v. Best Buy, et al case. It’s another BusyBox case regarding infringement of the GPL, mostly about high definition televisions with BusyBox in them, and while the case is not finished regarding other defendants, it’s certainly set another precedent. One of the defendants was Westinghouse Digital Technologies, LLC, which refused to participate in discovery. It had applied for a kind of bankruptcy equivalent in California. Judge Shira Scheindlin of the Southern District of New York has now granted Software Freedom Conservancy triple damages ($90,000) for willful copyright infringement, lawyer’s fees and costs ($47,685), an injunction against Westinghouse, and an order requiring Westinghou

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Headlines for August 24, 2010(Democracy Now!)

Democracy Now! writes:
Senators McCain, Murkowski Face Primary Challenges, Judge Blocks Federal Funding for Embryonic Stem Cell Research, One Million Pakistanis Face Starvation in Balochistan, Relief Agencies Blocked from Using Pakistani Air Base Tied to US, US Drone Strike in Pakistan Kills 4 Women, 3 Children, NATO Troops Accused of Killing Eight Afghan Civilians, Imam Feisal Defends Islam as a Peaceful Religion, Thousands of Dead Fish Found in Mississippi River, Almost 200 Women Gang-Raped in the Congo, Suicide Bomber and Gunmen Attack Somali Hotel, 100,000 Left Homeless by Floods in Niger, Eight Tourists Killed in the Philippines, Report: 8.4 Million Californians Lack Health Insurance, US Submits First Ever Human Rights Report to the UN, Charges Dropped for 100 G20 Protesters, Protesters Block Buses Carrying

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Update: HP offers $27 per share for storage vendor 3Par, outbidding Dell again

Hewlett-Packard has raised its offer for 3Par to $27 per share, outbidding Dell once more as the battle to acquire the California-based storage vendor continues.

The offer came just hours after Dell raised its own bid to buy the company. Dell said Thursday morning that 3Par had accepted its raised offer, but the terms allowed HP to slip in with another bid. It’s now done just that, putting the ball back in Dell’s court.

Read the story at InfoWorld: Top News

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AtariAge: Retrogaming Times Monthly – August 2010

The August 2010 issue of Retrogaming Times Monthly is now available. Here’s what you’ll find in Issue #75: Retrogaming News Show Report — California Extreme 2010 Mutated Output: Few Sparks As Lights Dim At Radio Shack The Homebrew Sleuth: Battle Kid – Fortress Of Peril A Pixelated 21st Century! The Gaming Post And More!You can read these articles and more inside the Retrogaming Times Monthly, now running 155 months in a row! You can also browse the RTM archives to catch up on past issues.

Read the whole article at: AtariAge

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San Dimas News: Districts brace for whooping cough epidemic

School is beginning just as California’s whooping cough epidemic is peaking, a worrisome combination prompting state health officials to closely watch schools for the illness.

Read the whole article at: San Dimas News

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Et cetera(Guardian Unlimited Books)

How Music Works by John Powell, The Num8er My5teries by Marcus de Sautoy and Click by Ori and Rom Brafman

How Music Worksby John Powell (Penguin, £12.99)If the Advertising Standards Authority regulated book titles, this one would get a slap. The author cheerfully introduces the basics of acoustics, musical instruments, chords and so forth, but what he has to say about how music actually works is limited to implausible pseudo-evolutionary speculation, weird anthropomorphism (does major-key music really sound “self-satisfied”?) and near-useless generalisation (the fact that we find faster tempos exciting is “probably linked to our dislike of uncertainty”).

Denser arguments about the science and psychology of music are to be found in Philip Ball’s The Music Instinct, but Powell (a physicis

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