Robots: Nanosystems

“There’s Plenty of
Room at the Bottom”, as Richard Feynman famously pointed out during
a talk in 1959. And a lot of progress has been made since: The latest
episode of the Robots
podcast takes
a look at nanorobotics and the current state of the art concerning nano
robot hardware and control. The first guest is Ari
Requicha, who is the founder of the Laboratory for
Molecular Robotics (LMR) at the University of Southern California and
editor-in-chief of IEEE
Transactions on Nanotechnology. The second guest
is Grégory
Mermoud, who is currently finishing his
PhD at the Distributed
Intelligent Systems and Algorithms Lab at the EPFL. For more on the
state of the art in nano robotics read
on or tune

Read the whole article at:

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