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Washington Post Education: NVCC has role in college-completion campaign

Northern Virginia Community College will be part of a $15 million, nationwide initiative announced Wednesday to give adults the chance to complete degrees they started but did not finish.

United States – Education – Colleges and Universities – Two-Year Colleges – California

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Obama Sells Econ Plan During California Tour

President Obama swept through California this week, fielding questions during two town hall meetings and sitting down with Tonight Show host Jay Leno. NPR senior Washington editor Ron Elving recaps the president’s trip and offers an update on the latest fallout over the AIG bonus controversy.

You can read it at NPR News & Notes with Ed Gordon

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TV: The New Season: NBC’s ‘Law and Order: Los Angeles’ previewed by Hank Stuever (Washington Post Style)

Washington Post Style writes:
So there’s no mistaken vibe, “Law & Order: Los Angeles” opens with a camera’s-eye view of two women cruising Hollywood in a nice convertible bathed in the city’s lights and breezes, until they finally arrive to the flashing paparazzi strobes that line the discreet entrance of a trendy Hollywo…

Los Angeles – NBC – United States – California – Counties

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The Cemetery Vote (Kindle Edition) tagged “politics” 52 times

The Cemetery Vote (Kindle Edition)By Steve Silkin

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Fake California ‘Earthquake Warning’ Currently Scaring Idiots on Twitter [Hoaxes]

A lot of people are tweeting about a MAJOR EARTHQUAKE WARNING for Southern California over the next few days. Except it’s a hoax. You can’t predict earthquakes, idiots. More »

Read the story at Gawker

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The Crying of Lot 49 (Perennial Fiction Library) (Paperback) tagged “literature” 17 times(

The Crying of Lot 49 (Perennial Fiction Library) (Paperback)By Thomas Pynchon

Buy new: $9.35171 used and new from $3.00 Customer Rating: Customer tags: thomas pynchon(21), literature(17), absurdist fiction(10), literary fiction(8), conspiracy(7), california(6), entropy(4), postal(3), 1001 books to read before you die(2), fiction(2), meandering, indie

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California physicians sue over quality ratings

The state’s medical society says the data and methods used to deem doctors as high-performing are faulty and inaccurate.

Read the story at American Medical News

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