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Soak Up Some Sun and Have Your Passport Stamped with Joie De Vivre…(PR Web (The Free Wire Service) Industry Restaurants)

“Southern California Dreamin’ Passport” Promotion Offers Up To 40 Percent Savings At Five So Cal Properties

(PRWeb October 18, 2010)

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Read more over at: PR Web (The Free Wire Service) Industry Restaurants


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Hey San Franciscans: Come Get Intimate(Derek Powazek)

Derek Powazek writes:
My fellow San Franciscans, got plans Friday night? If not, come watch me get intimate with Heather Gold! Inspired by Shabbat Salons, comedian Heather Gold brings the talk show format into the 21st century. Her live talk show mixes thinkers, entertainers, doers and the audience with humor, curiosity and yes, a little soul. This Friday’s show is all about “Intimacy” and features comedian and survivor’s rights activist Betsy Salkind, author/spoken word artist Michelle Tea, and yours truly, talking up digital intimacy. It all happens the JCCSF, 3200 California Street, from 8:00-9:30pm. Hope to see you there! UPDATE: It went great! Heather posted a great wrap-up….

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Corporate Blogging – Blog as your Front Porch(a klog apart)

a klog apart writes:
Other metaphors I like…

California bans smoking in office buildings. People slip out for a smoke and huddle around the doors or the ashtrays in smoker exile. For those 5-15 minutes, your small group of fellow addicts shares the moment. Sometimes you break out in conversation. Usually casual, sometimes deep, occasionally the start of a labor union or a new product or a lawsuit. Despite yourselves, repetition of exposure fosters trust. And people take it from there.

Sometimes I think of blogging like amateur night at a comedy club. You step up on stage for your five minutes, probably at one in the morning, greeted by a random audience who laughs at you and maybe your painful story told in a funny way. You thank the audience, who were just barely awake anyway and who were never vested i

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AtariAge: Retrogaming Times Monthly – August 2010

The August 2010 issue of Retrogaming Times Monthly is now available. Here’s what you’ll find in Issue #75: Retrogaming News Show Report — California Extreme 2010 Mutated Output: Few Sparks As Lights Dim At Radio Shack The Homebrew Sleuth: Battle Kid – Fortress Of Peril A Pixelated 21st Century! The Gaming Post And More!You can read these articles and more inside the Retrogaming Times Monthly, now running 155 months in a row! You can also browse the RTM archives to catch up on past issues.

Read the whole article at: AtariAge

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Elgan: Why book publishing needs the Silicon Valley way(Computerworld Mobile and Wireless News)

What the stale, gloomy New York book publishing industry really needs is a blast of California sunshine.

Read more over at: Computerworld Mobile and Wireless News

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Sharpton Paid To Campaign For Kerry(The Command Post – 2004 US Presidential Election)

The Associated Press reports that Al Sharpton was paid $86,715 travel and consulting fees by the Democratic National Committee to campaign for Kerry and other Democratic candidates. From California Yankee….

Read more over at: The Command Post – 2004 US Presidential Election

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PLANetizen: Front Page: New Ruling Means Greater Access to California Coast

A ruling this week by the California Coastal Commission will allow a dozen new picnic areas and up to five new trailheads, in addition to camping areas for 280 people and new access to the Coastal Slope Trail. The camping will be the first in Malibu.

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Read the whole article at: PLANetizen: Front Page

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