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Holiday Gift Giving at its Finest: A World-Class Experience, Courtesy…

Since launching Van’s Gifts in 1984, California based gourmet gift basket designer and wine connoisseur Reva Colover has positioned her company to become a permanent staple in the realm of corporate…

(PRWeb October 13, 2010)

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Earth Abides (Paperback) tagged “post-apocalyptic” 289 times

Earth Abides (Paperback)By George R. Stewart

Buy new: $10.1761 used and new from $8.00 Customer Rating: Customer tags: post-apocalyptic(289), end of the world(123), science fiction(68), post-apocalyptic fiction(36), year zero(30), disease(22), california(8), civilization(7), dull(4), boring(3), library(3), george stewart(2)

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Professional HealthCare at Home Receives Medicare Certification for…

Professional HealthCare at Home, a leading home care provider in Northern California, is now licensed by Medicare for its hospice program, and can provide continuity of care with its Medicare-licensed…

(PRWeb October 20, 2010)

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US stays ruling on gays troops

A federal appeals court has temporarily granted the US government’s request for a freeze on a judge’s order requiring the military to allow openly gay troops

The lifting of a ban on gays serving openly in the US military proved shortlived after a federal appeals court ruled late on Wednesday in favour of granting the Obama administration a temporary delay.

The Pentagon on Tuesday, obeying an earlier court ruling ending the ban, announced that gays could go in army recruitment offices and openly declare themselves as gay and still be considered for enlistment.

Some gay campaigners, such as former army lieutenant Dan Choi, who was discharged earlier this year because he is gay, celebrated by going to a recruitment office on Tuesday and Wednesday to re-enlist. The army accepted his reques

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The Atlas Moth – One Amongst The Weed Fields (2010)(MusicEmissions)

Back when cover songs were a novelty, they usually fell into one of two camps: sarcastic, smart-ass commentary on lame music (think Circle Jerks) or semi-reverent takes on songs that inspired a band (think Metallica). Now, though, it has been done to death, to the point that the fact of a band doing a set of covers, rather than the covers themselves, is cause for ridicule.

So here is "One Amongst The Weed Fields," a four song EP of covers by Chicago stoners The Atlas Moth. To be fair, they got it half-right. While none of the tracks-hence, the entire record-are memorable or necessary, a couple of them help kill time in a good way.

The choices are a bit odd. The only fairly obscure one in Failure’s "Golden," which is the best covered song on the set. Here the

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Recommended Book: Search User Interfaces

Marti Hearst, Search User Interfaces, 1st ed. Cambridge University Press, Septermber 2009. [Online:]This is a clear and thoughtful discussion of many aspects of Search User Interfaces. It thoroughly synthesizes most of the recent research in the field with fluency and insight. And doesn’t hurt that she (and the evidence agree) with me about personalization and visualization of search results, both of which I find over-hyped and low on ROI. The best kind of academic work: rigorous and very useful at the same time.Chapters# 1: Design of Search User Interfaces# 2: Evaluation of Search User Interfaces# 3: Models of the Information Seeking Process# 4: Query Specification# 5: Presentation of Search Results# 6: Query Reformulation# 7: Supporting the Search Proce

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Internet Archive: October 19 2010 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: The Run-Up – The Electoral Battle Is Joined… Laughing At The ‘Talking Heads’ Will Help You Retain Your Sanity

Twitter This Commentary In The News: Thanks this morning to ChrisM, my MP3Angel, for supplying the news and commentary audio files. Just like the Kennedys and their Scotch – We’re two weeks from an election in California that might ‘recreationalize’ Pot and the Mexican authorities have captured 105 ….

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